We’re honored that our bakery, established in 2008, is consistently one of Miami Valley’s top-reviewed eateries online (yelptripadvisor).  That doesn’t happen by accident. Our friendly staff is passionate about providing an excellent experience, whether you’re grabbing a quick breakfast, enjoying lunch in our cozy café, or ordering food for a catered event. 


As something of a rarity in today's world, Boosalis Baking & Café represents a throwback to the neighborhood bakeries that used to exist before chains and franchises became the norm.  We pride ourselves on using time-honored baking traditions to make artisan breads, pastries and meals that are pure and good.

Our Approach to Baking

Our breads and pastries are made in our own kitchen, from scratch daily.   Boosalis Baking & Café uses 100% natural ingredients.  

The only fat we use is butter, pure and unadulterated.  Our cookies, cakes, and enriched breads—all carry the goodness of real dairy and eggs without substitute ingredients and preservatives.  Everything that contains the word chocolate in its descriptive contains exactly that rather than being a cheaper, less satisfying chocolate flavored ingredient. Our croissants and danish use European butter which is richer than domestic butter.  The extra expense is worth it when you taste the flavor and flakiness of these offerings.                                                       

About Owner, Matt Boosalis

Matt Boosalis is the heart and soul of Boosalis Baking & Café.  You’ll see him working the counter, in the kitchen, or out in the café, happily chatting with guests. And it won’t take long to discern that Matt is a man living his dream.

In 2008, Matt left his career in corporate finance on the west coast, moved to Dayton and opened one of the very few freestanding bakeries in the area. Today, he strengthens that passion every day, rising at 3:00 a.m. to begin preparing the day’s menu. It’s a commitment that demonstrates his love for his craft – “good food can’t be rushed,” he says - and his love for the people who’ll reap the delicious benefits.